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The Purple Feathered Bird

There once was a purple-feathered bird named Mike.
Who wasn't nearly as colorful as he would like.
He thought an orange shirt would do just the trick,
To match the color of his beak, and make him really look slick.


But this new addition was not quite enough,
He was looking more like fluff than tuff.
Then he found just the thing at the goodwill store.
A bright red vest was what he was looking for.


Pleased he was of how fine he was looking,
But he felt his clothes were not really cooking.
Green sunglasses might just be the thing.
He sewed on green ribbon to match up the scene.


Now he was just gaining confidence to hop down the street,
When he looked with shock at his bare feet.
This will certainly never do.
What's a bird without a good shoe.


So off he went shopping from store to store,
Till he found the right support for his feet on the floor.
So proud he was of choosing his colorful attire,
That he no longer felt dull but fit to admire.


copyright 1998 Shelby Brown
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