Best Shortwave Radios

Our best shortwave radios allow you to listen to the world no mater where you are.

Below we have featured two of the most popular models.

The Grundig Satellite 350 Shortwave Field Radio gives reliable broadcasts from around the globe. This high-performance field unit has state-of-the-art tuning with AM and shortwave gain controls which pulls in even the weakest AM and FM stations. The global shortwave bands deliver news, sports, and more from the BBC. It has an alarm clock, external antenna, speaker, and headphone jacks. It also includes a carry strap with leather handle, AC adapter, and DC socket for your car or boat adapter.

And what traveler would be without the digital shortwave travel radio. Stay in touch with news broadcasts around the world with this lightweight radio. Features of a full-size shortwave radio are packed into this version precision digital tuning. Just enter the frequency directly via the keypad or auto-scan. It has two hundred programmable memory buttons that let you keep track of AM, FM, and SW. With a sleep timer and snooze alarm, this is the ultimate travel clock radio.

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Hear the world communicate with the best shortwave radio of your choice. Just one of many featured in the gift shop.