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When you have questions? We have answers!
My email address has changed. First log in using your old email address (it's ok if you're not using that address any more, we just need you to use that name one last time). You can edit your email address onl;the page that comes up. If you want to change your password too, you can, but you don't have too. Your CartoonSoup password does not have to be the same as your email password, in fact, it probably should NOT be the same for your own security.
I can't log in. The most common reason for this is that you have the wrong password. It's only natural to forget your password, these days, you have to have so many. To have your password reset, go to the Log In Page use the "forgot your password" function and instructions will be emailed to you. But you can reset it any time.
I can log in, but then I get booted out again. If you can log in ok but then it seems you keep getting booted out again, it may be you have your browser cookies restricted more than we can handle. Our site requires cookies to remember that you are logged in. You can tell your browser to allow cookies from us by going to the Tools menu and choosing "Internet Options". (this assumes you are using IE 6 or higher). Go to the "privacy" tab and cluck on "edit" button near the bottom. Type "" in the "address of website" and click the "allow" button.
I sent someone a card but they never got it. We hate it when that happens. Please check with your recipients and ask them to check their junk mail folders. They may have accidently been filtered out and deleted, that unfortunately happens sometimes, gol darn dontcha know.

If that ain't it, try sending 'em again and see if they make it through the second time 'round.

Make double and then triple sure that you input the recipient's e-mail address correctly. This can be sneaky...make sure you don't leave a blank space at the start of the email address (I've done it.)

I don't see or hear anything! WHY?

Chances are that you don't have the FLASH Plug In. Without this plug-in, you will not be able to enjoy our electronic cards. Please visit the Macromedia site to get and install the Plug In. It's easy!

I have the plug in, but it still don't work! Try this site to test your plug in. Halfway down the page is a Flash movie titled "Macromedia Flash Player". It should say something like "Experience. Powerful. Results."

When you roll your mouse over the blue buttons labeled "create" "see" and "about" you should hear a "whoosh" sound.

Someone sent me a card and I don't see anything. What gives? Please check to make sure you have the Flash Plug-In. If you are still having trouble, keep readin'!
I can see the electronic card loading and moving, but I don't hear a thing! Help!

1. Check the volume on your computer. Be sure it is set to its maximum setting.
2. If you are one of our Mac friends and use Internet Explorer to navigate the Web, please use Netscape or download the newest version of Internet Explorer 5 for Macs. For some reason, the Mac version of IE does not work well with sound and Flash UNLESS you use IE5. Go figure! Upgrading or using Netscape should help.

I use WebTv. Ok. We are still working on this one. Sorry, but it seems that WebTv packages its software and may not include the latest Flash plug-in to view our site. We're trying to figure this one out, so if anybody knows something we don't (about WebTv, that is), please contact us. Thanks.
My Card Isn't There! It says "Error" or it has been "Purged," but I just got the notice! What's going on? Sometimes a browser may not be able to access the electronic card even though it is available for pickup. The best way to remedy this situation is to dump your brower's cache. This will clean out all the older files in your browser's memory which may be preventing you from viewing your card. For instructions on dumping your cache - see below.
How do I Dump my Cache? It sounds messy!

Fear not! Dumping your cache is not as disgusting as it sounds! Instead, it is like a delightful spring cleaning for your broswer. Simply follow the steps below (whicever apply to your computer) and your browser will feel like new!
ALL BROWSERS: Open the browser, but close all navigation windows, then proceed.
Netscape: this feature is in Preferences under the Edit Pull-Down Menu. In Preferences, it is listed under "Advanced:Cache." It will have a button to "clear disk cache now." Don't be scared of this. It only means it is deleting the temporary files that your browser keeps to load pages you've already visited faster. This also means the browser sometimes pulls old files, so if you make any changes (like a plug-in) sometimes it doesn't register until you clean your cache.
Internet Explorer on a Mac: Same as above. "Edit" on the Pull-Down Menu>Preferences>Advanced>"Dump Cache."
PC Users: Delete all the files IN the folder named Temporary Internet Files in the Windows folder of the C Drive.

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