This warm knit winter hat puts fun and style into winter.

The plum colored knit hat below with brim of contrasting yarn is an eye catcher. It is a great way to defeat the chill of any winter day and attract admiring glances.

Warm Winter Knit Hat

Mary Ann's Winter Knit Hats are handcrafted in North Carolina. She expresses her creativity through a wide variety of fibers and textures. If you love the style but need it in another color, be sure to contact her for your very own custom made knitted hat.

In this world of imported apparel, you are still able to find original unique designs and American craftsmanship.

The plum knit hat on the right is for sale on ebay. It is easy to see why folks are falling in love with her unique headgear.

Be sure to view more of her winter knit hats and pick the one that fits your style.