Our Funny Christmas Cards along with traditional Christmas Greeting Cards from eCard Toons are sure to deliver laughter this holiday season.

Funny Christmas Cards

People usually fall into two groups at Christmas time, and we like to supply Holiday cards, ecards and greetings for everyone. What type are you?

    If you are the type that:

  • Loves gifts, both giving, receiving, wrapping and unwrapping.
  • Enjoys shopping in the hustle and bustle of the crowd with a Merry Christmas greeting for everyone.
  • Can hardly wait for the arrival of family and friends who never seem to stay long enough.
  • Plays Christmas music all day long and can't wait to go caroling in the evening.
  • Puts up your tree the day after Thanksgiving and keeps it up until well after New Year's Day.
  • Can't wait for the return of this glorious holiday season when you are filled with a warm glow of joy and contentment.
However, if you are the type who:
  • Has to work at least twice as hard during this time of year just to keep up.
  • Are known around the office as Scrooge incarnate.
  • Plans to strangle the next person that utters the next happy holiday greeting.
  • Constantly repeats to yourself "please God, just help me make it to the first of the year".
  • Can't understand this wishing for a white Christmas crap...obviously some folks never shoveled it or put on a set of chains.
  • Marks off the days on your callendar when human sanity returns.
Fun Christmas Cards
Funny Christmas Cards
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